Mile Zero

Since our arrival in Beaufort, we’ve made pretty good time towards our destination in the Chesapeake. Thanks to Jordan joining us for the long passage north (and to Lindy, India, and Theo, for letting him join), we didn’t arrive completely sleep-deprived and were able to get back underway after just a couple of nights.

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Bahamas to North Carolina Passage, Day Four

We made it! We entered the Beaufort, NC channel just after sunrise and are now anchored near the town docks. We have our yellow quarantine flag up, a traditional warning to other mariners that no one on board has showered in several days. No, kidding. The flag is hoisted to indicate that we haven’t yet cleared customs and officially entered the United States. We’re waiting for a call from the Customs and Border Patrol inspector, who will come out to EXIT to review our passports and paperwork. Only then can we step off the boat.

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Bahamas to North Carolina Passage, Day Three

More motor sailing and then just plain motoring as the wind dropped to near zero. More flat surface seas on long-period ocean swells. A very hot day, but we were back in the Gulf Stream, and getting a nice northward push from the current. Meals continue to be terrific: good coffee that Jordan brought for breakfast, a ploughman’s lunch, curried lentils for dinner, the last of Elsa’s chocolate cake for dessert.

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Bahamas to North Carolina Passage, Day Two

Well, that was civilized…

Just after lunch, noticing a glassy patch on the water and a slight rise in the sea temperature, Jordan let out some more fishing line and — fish on! —promptly caught a medium-sized mahimahi. He was able to land it and immediately filleted it on the transom.

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Bahamas to North Carolina Passage, Day One

One day into our passage and all is well so far. Jordan’s flight from Miami to Marsh Harbour on Tuesday was cancelled due to thunderstorms, so he flew to Nassau instead and caught a 6:30 a.m. flight to Marsh Harbour yesterday morning. (All this after a red-eye from Boulder the night before. He’s hereby awarded a special medal for travel valor.) We shared lots of hugs, Elsa showed off the layer cake she’d baked in welcome, and then we headed out.

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