Month: November 2015

Overnight Passages

Yesterday we went on an overnight passage. It was slightly boring. This story is quite good but if you’d rather read something boring, click here. First, we motored along for a few hours, then found some wind and started sailing. It was a lot better than the last overnight passage we had done about a week ago, because on that one we had not provisioned well the day before. This resulted in the most filling food being available was a chocolate chip onion quesadilla with no cheese. However, while provisioning for this passage, we had bought:
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Happy (Belated) Veterans Day

In recognition of the holiday we’d like to salute one veteran in particular, Drew’s father David, who flew jets for the Navy during the Vietnam War. While in DC we visited the Air and Space Museum, and what did we find in one of the exhibits? A plane that Dave flew. I don’t mean the same type of plane, I mean THE ACTUAL PLANE.


Dave’s A-4 Skyhawk, which flew from the USS Bonhomme Richard (aka “The Bonny Dick”).



Capital Capitol

We had a terrific ten days in Washington, DC and Annapolis. Drew’s cousins Courtney and David Yarkin and their kids hosted us for the whole week. We got to trick-or-treat together, go to sports games, eat in, eat out, and just generally have fun. We miss them already!


Yarkinses and Williamses gather for a post-Halloween dinner.

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The Secretary of the Interior

Last night I met The Secretary of the Interior, who knows President Obama. (O.O) We visited her office, which was a little bit smaller then our house. Then she told us that this was not her usual office, because that one was being renovated. That office was about 3 times a big as the one we were in.

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