The Secretary of the Interior

Last night I met The Secretary of the Interior, who knows President Obama. (O.O) We visited her office, which was a little bit smaller then our house. Then she told us that this was not her usual office, because that one was being renovated. That office was about 3 times a big as the one we were in.

The U.S. Department of the Interior oversees such agencies as the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Geological Survey, and the National Park Service. The Secretary also serves on and appoints the private citizens on the National Park Foundation board. The Secretary is a member of the President’s Cabinet.
Because the policies and activities of the Department of the Interior and many of its agencies have a substantial impact in the western United States, the Secretary of the Interior has typically come from a western state; only one of the individuals to hold the office since 1949 is not identified with a state lying west of the Mississippi River.
The current Secretary of the Interior in Barack Obama’s administration is former REI CEO & former Mobil Oil executive Sally Jewell of Washington. She was confirmed by the Senate on April 10, 2013. As a naturalized U.S. citizen born in the United Kingdom rather than a natural-born U.S. citizen, she is not eligible to succeed the President in the presidential line of succession.
-From Wikipedia

She also had security trailing her all the time, like this one very nice guy called “Ari.” She had security escort her home from work, and vice versa. Also, on business trips, she has security both run ahead and accompany her on the plane.

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  1. Hi, Soren. How cool to meet with Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewel, and marvel at her federal offices. It’s pretty mind-boggling to realize that her office is about the size of your own home! I only know Secretary Jewel because I sign petitions and write notes to her, encouraging her to stand up protect America’s public land, parks and natural beauty from the pressures and goals of lobbyists and big corporations. What was your conversation with her like? You are having an incredible experience this year…I guess I don’t need to tell you that! Love, Aunt Mindy

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