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Today I went swimming in Thunderball Grotto. It was the set of the James Bond movie “Thunderball.” It was AMAZING! You have to swim underwater to get in. When you do, you can see all these fish, and if you take stale bread with you, you can hold a piece of bread in front of you underwater. Then, the fish will all swim up to you and eat out of your hand. LITERALLY. Or you can just drop a chunk of bread in the water and watch the fish fight over it. I think, however, that you should see the photos and videos.

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The Bahamas Passage Pt. 1

Tomorrow morning, at around 3 am, we will be going on an 11hr passage to the Bahamas. It’s taken us 2 months to get to this point, but now we’re here. As I write this, I am roughly 27hrs away from the Bahamas. It would be a lot better if all of my friends from Mountain View (e.g. Ronan) were here too, but that’s what planes are for. Hopefully, some of you can fly over and visit us, because that would be fun. Also, stay tuned for: THE BAHAMAS PASSAGE: PT. 2

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Overnight Passages

Yesterday we went on an overnight passage. It was slightly boring. This story is quite good but if you’d rather read something boring, click here. First, we motored along for a few hours, then found some wind and started sailing. It was a lot better than the last overnight passage we had done about a week ago, because on that one we had not provisioned well the day before. This resulted in the most filling food being available was a chocolate chip onion quesadilla with no cheese. However, while provisioning for this passage, we had bought:
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The Secretary of the Interior

Last night I met The Secretary of the Interior, who knows President Obama. (O.O) We visited her office, which was a little bit smaller then our house. Then she told us that this was not her usual office, because that one was being renovated. That office was about 3 times a big as the one we were in.

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Street Dancing

Today I was in a street dance* in NYC. One guy jumped right over my head and it was cool and they made lots of jokes (and cash) and I’m saying everything in one sentence which is cool and I hope you watch this video and then you will be happy but only if you watch the video which is funny and this blog post is only one sentence long which is cool and I hope everyone has a nice day.

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