Street Dancing

Today I was in a street dance* in NYC. One guy jumped right over my head and it was cool and they made lots of jokes (and cash) and I’m saying everything in one sentence which is cool and I hope you watch this video and then you will be happy but only if you watch the video which is funny and this blog post is only one sentence long which is cool and I hope everyone has a nice day.

*An informal style of dance involving a variety of moves, which is popular with young people and often developed in public spaces such as streets, clubs, playgrounds, etc.

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  1. Ah, the delight of Street Performers! Soren, you were really a great participant. Courageous, enjoying and really performed your part perfectly! The guy really could run, skip, hurtle, roll and land!!! Glad you got this on video. Something to remember and share for sure. A little street action – West Side Story??? “Boy, boy, crazy boy. Stay cool boy! Got a rocket in your pocket. Turn off the juice, boy!” Mindy

  2. Awesome – gots to love New York!

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