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The Perils of Technology

Yesterday I remarked to Drew that the older I get, the less patience I have for stuff that doesn’t work. Computers especially, but any gee-whiz gadget that sucks up more time than it saves? Drives me bananas. “We might be on the wrong trip then,” he said.

We’re not. But I’m glad he reminded me that on boats, everything breaks. Repeatedly.

The sorting and reloading process has continued all week but we’re nearly there. More tedious, though, has been discovering things that no longer work. The VHF radio, for example. The morning after we moved aboard (Tuesday! yay for living aboard!) we turned it on to listen to the weather … and nothing happened. After some troubleshooting Drew ended up going to the top of the mast and replacing the VHF antenna.

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Kiwi Spirit

Lyman-Morse isn’t primarily a service yard — they’re mostly known for building custom sailboats and powerboats. They recently built Kiwi Spirit, a 63-foot yacht that Stanley Paris used to attempt a non-stop, solo circumnavigation sail — at age 76.

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I Can Tell You’re Not From Here

We’ve spent the weekend unloading and reloading the boat — a long, slow process, but it’s been nice to learn a) what went where, b) how much Exit can actually hold, and c) we didn’t overpack. The amount of stuff we brought from home is like a rounding error.

Our things are stored in the boat yard’s rigging shed at the moment. Soren took a time lapse video of us sorting and loading up carts:

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Unloading Exit

Today I  spent the day unloading Exit. There were very many random things, as you can see from this picture:

Everything (and we mean everything) unloaded into the Lyman-Morse rigging shed.

Everything (and we mean everything) unloaded into the Lyman-Morse rigging shed.

Here are my top 3 favorites:

  1. An ice cream bucket full of assorted screws.
  2. Not 1 but 2 out-of-date flare kits
  3. 21 water filters that looked like rolls of kitchen string.

Pretty eventful and tiring, but not as much as yesterday, where I sandblasted stuff.

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Today I sandblasted 2 pieces of metal for the boat, and A rusty steel peg-type thing. It was really fun. The rust on the peg was like half an inch thick! Here’s a video my dad took: Continue reading

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