Lyman-Morse isn’t primarily a service yard — they’re mostly known for building custom sailboats and powerboats. They recently built Kiwi Spirit, a 63-foot yacht that Stanley Paris used to attempt a non-stop, solo circumnavigation sail — at age 76.


If that weren’t a lofty enough goal, Paris also decided he wanted this to be a “green sail”, meaning he’d generate all his own power rather than using the diesel generator, so the boat is festooned with solar panels, a wind generator and so forth. We went on board to check it out.

IMG_2588 (1)

Paris tried to complete the sail twice before calling it quits. Now Lyman-Morse is retrofitting the interior to turn it into a private yacht for sale. The main cockpit is nearly the size of our living room in Mountain View.


The building where Kiwi Spirit sits up on jacks is huge — that boat occupies only about 1/5 of the space. Here’s another boat they’re building behind it: