The Bahamas Passage Pt. 1

Tomorrow morning, at around 3 am, we will be going on an 11hr passage to the Bahamas. It’s taken us 2 months to get to this point, but now we’re here. As I write this, I am roughly 27hrs away from the Bahamas. It would be a lot better if all of my friends from Mountain View (e.g. Ronan) were here too, but that’s what planes are for. Hopefully, some of you can fly over and visit us, because that would be fun. Also, stay tuned for: THE BAHAMAS PASSAGE: PT. 2

P.S. I recently reserved the domain “” so if you could put in your contact info below, I will email you when “” is “soren’s realm’s” address.

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  1. Soren, how amazing that you are beginning the Bahama “passage”. Would love to fly over to visit…however we have just confirmed a trip with our Granddaughter and her husband and two children to Kauai in May!!! They live in Slovakia, so they will come to L.A. and then we’ll go to Kauai. Have a fascinating (instead of boring) time on the passage. Hopefully the SV EXIT is now in shape to take the challenge on! Are you still taking photos of the ocean and surroundings??? Love, Aunt Mindy

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