Yesterday we went on an overnight passage. It was slightly boring. This story is quite good but if you’d rather read something boring, click here. First, we motored along for a few hours, then found some wind and started sailing. It was a lot better than the last overnight passage we had done about a week ago, because on that one we had not provisioned well the day before. This resulted in the most filling food being available was a chocolate chip onion quesadilla with no cheese. However, while provisioning for this passage, we had bought:

  • 2 Bags of Potato Chips (waffle cut, lightly salted)
  • 1 large can of BBQ Pringles
  • Assorted cheeses
  • Two varieties of bread (sourdough and whole grain)
  • 3 boxes of assorted cereal
  • Variety pack of cheese straws
  • Assorted salad greens and vegetables
  • Almond milk
  • Cow milk
  • Etc, etc, etc.

As you can see, we were very prepared. Everything was going fine. We sailed awhile, then we motored through the morning. As we were motoring along, I was reading in the cockpit, eating chips and fig newtons. Suddenly, I spotted some dolphins swimming right next to Exit! They were very graceful. I called for my dad, and he came up with a camera and took a video.

See? Sadly, all good things must come to an end. So must dolphin sightings. They swam away, leaving us with nice memories. Then the motor stopped.

CLIFFHANGER!! Hahahahahaha. Anyway, before the motor stopped, my mom and dad noticed an ominous white cloud of smoke behind Exit. Then the engine started sputtering and coughing. Then it stopped. Thankfully, this happened when we were only 3 hrs. offshore. My dad mucked about with it for a couple hours, and than we called a tow. The tow was so fast we went 10 knots! On the way there I fell asleep and missed dinner. Then I woke up at, like, 9:00 pm. I made some INSTANT RAMEN, but I had too much seasoning = too much MSG = weeerd dreeems. Then the next day I wrote this.
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