’Tis the Southern Season

We made it through the first section of the ICW and then sailed overnight to Charleston, SC – all of which Drew is preparing to tell you about in a blog update. In the meantime, here’s a tidbit about Charleston.

While running some errands one afternoon we wandered into a grocery store called Southern Season. It was more of a specialty foods store than a supermarket – aisles and aisles of spices, grains and beans, fresh-baked bread, and so on. But there was no mistaking that we were in the South when we saw an aisle labeled “Cheese Straws.”

And then this:


An entire aisle dedicated to hot sauce and BBQ sauce. How can you not love?




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  1. Really amazing! Colleagues of mine consulted with a school district in Louisiana a couople of decades ago. All day the topic of conversation was about what was being prepared for lunch…and then, dinner!” Seafood, spicey sauces, et. al. A way of life. Did you try the food with the sauces??? xox Mindy

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