Today I went swimming in Thunderball Grotto. It was the set of the James Bond movie “Thunderball.” It was AMAZING! You have to swim underwater to get in. When you do, you can see all these fish, and if you take stale bread with you, you can hold a piece of bread in front of you underwater. Then, the fish will all swim up to you and eat out of your hand. LITERALLY. Or you can just drop a chunk of bread in the water and watch the fish fight over it. I think, however, that you should see the photos and videos.

 Anyway, after that, we went over to the beach near there and saw some swimming pigs. No, that was not a typo, and of course you can read. The pigs (which are about as big as me) swam because they learned the sound of an engine = tourists = food, and if they swim out to the tourists they get food faster. Also they will eat anything. Occasionally, they will try to board the dinghy. There were some cute piglets, and a rooster that crowed awkwardly. We named him the “Random Rooster.”

Swimming Pigs at Big Majors Spot

Cue Theme from ”Jaws”

Swimming Pigs at Big Majors Spot

Big Pig.

Piglets and “Random Rooster”

Piglets and “Random Rooster”

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Can hardly wait for photos.

  2. Awesome!! We have been following your blog! Glad you are having such a great adventure! Nice to meet you!
    Kim and Jim .. OFF ROAD .. Pt Judith R I

  3. Soren – this is a very descriptive bit of writing – helping us envision the Thunderbolt Grotto with fish eating bread and swimming pigs near by ferheavenssakes!, The adage PIGS WON’T FLY, needs to be replaced with PIGS CAN SWIM! Keep up your realm blog.. it is a treat to read! Love, Nana

  4. Eugene Carlson

    March 12, 2016 at 17:27

    Always felt swimming in Thunderball Grotto was as close as I would ever come to a James Bond experience, since 007 was there. Great fun and memorable. Good to know EXIT made a return visit.

  5. Swimming Pigs???!!!! Getoutaaaheeeeere! They have hooves for crying out loud…! Them’s some hungry pigs!

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