Here We Go

We’re off!

We managed to pull away from the docks on Saturday around lunchtime after the windlass was repaired. Naturally, the exact moment we were ready to pull away — a tricky maneuver as we were positioned closely between two huge, expensive-looking yachts, and the wind was blowing us firmly back into the dock — three Englishmen who were wandering about looking at boats stopped to chat. So there we stood, engine rumbling, going on about how fair Exit’s hull was and yes, she’d come across the Atlantic on her own bottom many years earlier. They were very nice, but once they learned we were about to shove off on the start of a year-long trip, they decided to stay. And spectate. Oy.

Drew kept his cool and after a few tries we ended up backing out and away instead. No harm no foul.

These first few days we’ve headed down the St. George River and out into the Gulf of Maine. Here are a few photos:



Messing about with the dinghy.


Having a swim off the transom (back end of the boat).


Drew enjoying our fab new transom shower.


Soren’s fancy “kid drink”.


Thunderstorm back behind us.

You can track our progress (or lack thereof) here at We’re also on Twitter @svexit (Soren has created a few test tweets already), and you can see our current position here.

AT&T doesn’t seem to have great coverage in Maine but we’ll try to update this blog whenever we can. Hope to share more soon!


  1. Hi everybody,

    Thanks for your phone call today. I’m glad you are all doing well. – – –

    I’m having a great time with Maggie , she is so very nice.

    Take care and I’ll talk to you next week.

    Love, Mormor

  2. EXIT’s looking good in Rockport harbor. While you’re there, take a look at the Concordias and the other lovely wooden boats on the docks at Rockport Marine. Years ago, on our first Maine cruise, we met a Rockport Marine boat builder aboard his Herreschoff anchored in the Mud Hole at Great Wass. Just the two boats. (The Mud Hole is really tight.) We talked about keeping EXIT in Maine and he said the yard we should call was Lyman Morse. We owe that guy a beer.

  3. Mindy - Melinda Isaacson

    August 8, 2015 at 17:44

    Linda, Drew, Soren & Elsa – I just read your blog and looked at the great photos. Looks like you all have really prepared and are on your way…best wishes…and I think that thing about stuff breaking is one thing I remember from our family’s boating days on the much, much smaller cabin cruiser, the “Bobalong.” Love the shower feature and the spacious look of EXIT. Exciting!
    love, Mindy

  4. Holy smokes Williams!
    Epic adventure. We’re all together here in Italy this week, now wishing you fair winds and following seas. Remember: when in doubt, double check the jib leech and tiller toward trouble!
    Love from the Cable McCabe family
    David, Jane, Marsha, Kevin, Nina, Scott, Lauren, Filippa, Katelyn, & Amanda

  5. Exit looks great! can you send a picture of the new decking?

  6. So excited for you guys and to be able to follow your journey. Sending much love and good thoughts. Nora will write to Elsa soon!


  7. Go get ’em! Have fun!

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