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Drew is threatenting to get a haircut here in Thomaston, which makes me realize that many of you haven’t seen him lately — or more specifically, seen his hair. So just in case he decides to cut it short, let me share some pictures. Behold the salty sea captain:



I guess he looks a pensive in that photo, so here’s a happier one:

P1000689 (1)

The beard has come and gone over the last few years, but he started growing his hair only this last spring — it’d been close-cropped for at least 15 years before that.

A coworker of his, with no knowledge of our sailing plans or Drew’s imminent departure from Apple, said to him one day, “You look like you’re dressing for the job you want to have!”

It may be too late by the time this gets posted, but what the heck, let’s take a poll. Short or long? Beard or no beard? Sound off in comments.


  1. The beard and long hair look good.

  2. Salty sea captain all the way!

  3. I say, Drew, go for your “break-out” looks, “job that you want to/now have”, and other assertions of change, freedom and your personal encounters with the new. It’s a big step out into the deep blue sea. Enjoy these amazingly diverse days, nights, weeks, months. What a way to evolve your perception and understanding as well as family relationships, intimacy and common good. Love for your sense of yourself!

  4. Keep the beard! Just give it a trim if you’re feeling a little to much YAAR!

  5. Beard. No contest.

  6. After reflecting on this “weighing in” opportunity, this morningI thought about my “rite of passage” hair cutting when I turned 60. Having had very long, long and shoulder-length hair, I’d decided to mark my passage by cutting it all off. Martin came with me to the salon and we both gave input to our stylist. I wore that spikey short, short style for more than a decade. You know what??? Hair always grows back…so cut it or grow it, you’ll be able to change you mind – and hair.

  7. Leave it Drew! You can have a nice beard down to your waist by the time you come home! I think the kids would love braiding and beading it! Just got caught up on your posts and it sounds like you guys are settling in. Enjoy, we look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip. Love to all!

  8. i liked the beard and hair the way it was when we last saw you. both were shorter. not into long beards and long hair. M

  9. Do not Fear the Beard (for Giants fans)…..keep it shaggy Drew!!!! Toss those scissors overboard!

  10. I couldn’t have imagined long hair on Drew before. But he’s maritime admiralty now, so it seems quite appropriate! So ahoy to captain Linda and Drew!

  11. I need a like button!

  12. Wendell Pohlman

    October 1, 2015 at 23:21

    We need a follow up photo.. did he, or didn’t he cut his hair and beard? oxoxxo w

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