Smutty Hussey Junk Pork Hypocrites

I swear that’s not a click-bait headline (okay, maybe a little), or that I’m doing a post on the current presidential campaign (brief glimpses of which have made us glad to be off-the-grid). These are instead some of the fantastic place names that New Englanders seem to have a real knack for.

As Linda mentioned in the previous post, we just left the Isles of Shoals. We were moored south of Smuttynose Island, so named for the dark rocks on its eastern shore:


On the way into South Portland, we passed by The Hussey (not “Hussy”, but still):


Coming into Boothbay Harbor, we passed The Hypocrites (additionally, Decker Rock in the upper-right and Dictator Ledge in the upper-left):


…and Junk of Pork, which I think is my favorite so far:


Also spotted: The Cuckolds, Bold Dick, Camel Ground, Drunkers Ledges. All so good!


  1. Too funky, especially in combination with “seafarer language”. You all can have a great time making up your own names for formations and locations. Also, have you named the dinghy? I thought of Gō-bōt for the long “o”s.

  2. I love it! You guys are sailing through the outskirts… and it’s nice to know I have my own rock (although from the chart, it doesn’t look like it sees the light of day… Danger Island!

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