Gallery Opening (Minus the Wine and Cheese)

Appears Hurricane Joaquin is moving out to sea, thank goodness, and the rain here is finally easing after pouring down the last day and a half. The winds are still pretty gusty but we’re tucked up tightly in Hadley Marina so things are looking pretty good. Even better, the Dockmaster, Les Black, has been incredibly kind to us. Last night he took our kids out for ice cream (in a rainstorm), and today he brought them donuts. He also set up the clubhouse before we came over this morning: a fire was going in the fireplace, a heater had been brought in and turned on, and Looney Tunes was showing on the TV. It was like a modern version of A Little Princess. Soren and Elsa aren’t going to want to leave.

But getting to the point of this post: We have a photo gallery now! With captions and everything! Just click the Photos link at the top of the page to view them. Some of the photos have already appeared in our posts but others are brand new. You’ll see pics of Jan’s fabulous kitchen store in Providence, Stock Culinary Goods; birds on heads; sailboats in the fog; lighthouses in the fog; fog; fairy food; images from Plimoth Plantation and Boston; and much, much more.

One other housekeeping note, for those who have asked: Drew did not, in the end, cut his hair or beard. Still looking pretty salty. Internet FTW!


  1. Love the Gallery. A great overview of your sea / land adventures on EXIT. Seems really wonderful that you’ve been able to see good friends in several places. The dock master will now be a life-long friend of your family. What a sweet guy. So, you’ve been blessed with a hurricane that’s gone out to sea and gave you an opportunity to hole-up and have a cozy time at the club house! Pretty amazing. Love to all. Aunt Mindy and Martin

  2. Jane Williams

    October 3, 2015 at 22:09

    (I posted my comment at the gallery itself, even without the wine. :-)) .Janie)

  3. Reading your posts is becoming a family pastime. We miss you guys. Mason has decided to make his own Halloween costume as the grime reaper with purple LED accents. Art is trying to become a kandama champion. If you haven’t come across these yet they are a perfect toy for a boat. Ball and cup on steroids He’s been at for about 40 hours in the last few weeks. Tell the kids to look them up. I’m deep into studying and working and it’s so nice to see you all on your adventure. Glad you are snug in a Marina for the storm. Hopefully it will clear soon.

    Take care.

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