On The Road Again

After 25 days at the marina on Amelia Island, our longest stop in one place so far, we got back underway yesterday. Here’s a picture of the surrounding marshes from the top of the mast on Boxing Day. (Our wind vane lost its tail, possibly as the result of a bird perching on top, and I’d ascended to remove it.)

Not a bad place to be stuck…

Not a bad place to be stuck…

After receiving the remaining parts from the UK on Friday afternoon, and thanks to the very capable and gracious Alan Cole of All American Auto & Marine, we got the engine fixed on Saturday, Dec. 12, just before departing for our previously-scheduled Disney trip and visit from Linda’s mom.

The weather didn’t appear conducive to going outside (southerly winds of 10+ knots), so we decided to keep heading south down the ICW for now. It was an unambitious first day. We ended up going a whopping 15 miles (nautical miles; I haven’t flipped the instruments/plotters back to ICW-standard statute miles yet). I felt like babying the engine and kept the revs at 2000 RPMs (vs. our normal 2250 cruising speed). It was sure nice to see water coming out of the exhaust again (as is normal for a marine diesel). We anchored last night on the Fort George River and, after all the Sunday fishing boats headed home, had the place to ourselves:

Sunrise on the Fort George River.

Sunrise on the Fort George River.


  1. Great to see you back aboard for Christmas afloat. Sending our best Holiday love.

  2. Sounds like a mellow cruise, Drew. Beautiful scene with sunset on Fort George River. Hope you’re charting some fascinating sailing and geographic adventures. Happy New Year to all EXIT salty dogs (and cats)! xox Mindy

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