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“Alice” and “Joel” from Youth.

“Alice” and “Joel” from Youth.

While on this trip (and while on our June trip to Denmark), we’ve been renting out our house back in Mountain View to a mix of short- and medium-term tenants. Our friend and neighbor Mike Murphy has been doing an excellent job of handling the business end for us and the mix of renters that we’ve been getting via Airbnb has been interesting. Here are a few of the cameos that our house has made so far:

A DNA-screening startup doing a photoshoot for their website:


“Lacey O.”, Counsyl Informed Pregnancy Screen patient, and her S.O.

An Australian film company hired to do a promotional video for Stanford Law Emeritus Dean and Former President of the Hewlett Foundation Paul Brest (bookshelf again):

Just a couple of days ago, we got a link to the trailer for Youth, a sci-fi short film that used our house as a location in July, just after our departure:

For those wanting the full Zapruder treatment: At 0:18 you can see our backyard (as she brushes past an overgrown palm I’ve been meaning to prune back), 0:21 is the bookshelf (again), 0:29 is looking back toward our front door, 0:40 is our bedroom, 0:48-0:56, 0:58, 1:00, 1:08 is our living room and kitchen. (Unfortunately, the pool into which Joel pushes the guy in the blue shirt does not belong to us.) Looking forward to seeing the full short film, due out this spring!

Strange and fascinating to see our house make appearances in these different photos/videos.


  1. David Williams

    January 14, 2016 at 11:09

    Should we be watching for an Academy Award nomination for 377 Yosemite? Best rental house in a drama category?

  2. You and Lindy can offer interior design services for peeps who want to rent out their homes and attract film/media clients. It all looks beautiful. Mindy

  3. Mom/Janie/Nana

    January 15, 2016 at 01:19

    FASCINATING,! Maybe your pool will come from all the 377 royalties .. Mom/Janie

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