The First Sail

Today we went for our first sail. It was awesome. We went up to 8 knots! (Which for reference, is 9.20623558416 MPH.)[I looked this up in calcbot] We tilted about 20 degrees to port.

Before we achieved this semi-significant landmark, there was a large CRASH!! from belowdecks. My dad told me to go below and find out what it was. I looked below and saw nothing, and reported so to Dad. Later, I realized what made the crash was the open door of the hanging locker, as we were tilting.

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  1. Hope your having a good time! Btw I film now. I’m adding a mention of you in my next video. P.S. Your server has been shut down.

  2. Soren, really enjoyed your reporting on the first sail. you have an excellent way with words. M

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