Swinging Swimming or Swimming Swinging?

On the other side of the Cape Cod Canal, the water was warmer and we decided to go swimming. It was really fun and we rigged up a swing and we swung off the boat and into the water:


Daddy in the air.


Getting ready to grab the rope.


Soren’s turn.

Also, we blew up the raft that I won at a camp and I paddled Soren (my brother) around and we went to a little island and back.

The End
{ p.s I suggest you try it yourself! }

{ p.p.s ten more things about it:
1. its AWESOME
2. Ditto
3. Ditto
4. Ditto
5. Ditto
6. Ditto
7. Ditto
10. Ditto

Actually The End ^.^ <= {cute face }


  1. Brings back memories of young Drew and Jordan swinging from a similar rig on Sring Wind.
    Still fun…

  2. Hi, Elsa! What a fun activity! Love the expression on your Dad’s face – and Soren’s, too. Looks like everyone is free and having a great time. Congratulations on your own boat. How cool. Is it hard to paddle with the two of you in it? Lots of love. Thanks for posting your article. xox Aunt Mindy

  3. Brings back memories of “The Body-Launcher” which was a similar set-up, but with the spinnaker pole… You guys are obviously having an incredible time!

  4. Lindy Williams

    October 2, 2015 at 15:57

    Elsa, I like your cute face at the end. It looks like a cat:).

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