The Breakers

The Breakers is a mansion in Newport that’s twice as big as the Mountain View city hall. It got its name from being right on the coast, so if you were on the porch, you could hear the waves breaking on the nearby cliffs. It has about 43 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms, with 40 assorted staff. You know, footmen and butlers and cooks and things. The kitchen alone was bigger than our house in California. At one of the parties hosted there, John F. Kennedy and his wife were the guests of honor.

A photo of The Breakers library (from Wikipedia).

Some rooms in this house seemed needlessly pricey. For instance, the library, which was quite nice, was built of Russian mahogany, Spanish leather, and gold. The bathtubs had four taps. Two of course, made hot and cold water come out, but, since the mansion was coastal, the other two made hot and cold saltwater come out, because saltwater was thought to be good for you. Also, the bathtubs were such thick marble, you had to fill them up four times before they were warm enough to use!

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  1. Did you visit and walk-through or stay at the mansion? Looks pretty well endowed with rich woods, marble, gilt, and other embellishments. I liked hearing about the hot/cold salt water bathtub features, but not using excess water these days! Where are you heading? How far does or did the Cape Cod Canal go? Sounds amazing. xox Mindy

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