Isles of The Adjective Noun

Doesn’t that sound that sound like a C. S. Lewis chapter title? Anyway, a few days ago (and on many other days) I went to an island, and as we were coming in to a natural dinghy harbor, I found a peninsula. This peninsula was covered in ducks. As we entered, all the ducks flew off. I immediately christened it “Duck Rock.” I found that, during high tide, Duck Rock was small and inaccessible by land. In between low and high tide, it was slightly bigger, and you could get to it by wading. During low tide, well, I wouldn’t say it’s big, because that would be lying, but it is compared to high tide. Also, during low tide, you can get there without getting even your feet wet. After that we went swimming.

A couple days later, we came to another island called “Buckle Island.” As we were dinghying over to another island we saw on the way, another couple pulled up next to us and said “See that beach over there? That’s made out of crushed shells, and connects to a trail which has a secret in the middle.” We went there, and walked the trail, and found out the secret. I won’t tell you, but I’ll give you a map.

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  1. Hi, Soren. What an incredible find – an island made of crushed sea shells with a trail to a “secret”. I’d love to see the map. Were there any other grasses, bushes, trees, etc. on that island? Were the shells crunchy underfoot? Wow. Love, Aunt Mindy

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