Swimming, An Alternate Take

Today we went swimming. It was totally awesome! The water was about 70 degrees, and there was a tiny little dock-type thing that my dad’s friend owned, and said we could swim on it. It was really cool, and, underneath it, there was a little space in between those floaty things on all docks that a kid could fit into if he knew how to tread water. If not, there were some boards that you could hang on to and not have to swim at all, just hang there. Also, we recently acquired an inflatable paddleboard.

Paddle at the ready.

Paddle at the ready.

Elsa and I pretended we were “Outboard Motors,” and we would put on flippers and kick each other around on the paddleboard. At one point, we went to a little floating platform with some lobster crates on it. It was about a kilometer, round trip.

During the recent periods of swimming, I took a bunch of HD Slo-Mo videos of people jumping off the boat in various places:

More videos available at Soren’s Vimeo page.

It was the most refreshing swim I’ve ever had. (Plus the awesome videos!) Later that day, my dad invited his friend Micah (MEE-ka) to come on to EXIT. Everyone was wondering about how to get to EXIT, when I suggested that Elsa and I kick everyone over on the dinghy, and they agreed. So Elsa and I each took a side of the dinghy, kicked Dad and Micah and his son and daughter over, where everyone (including Dad) got off, then back, where my mom grabbed the painter and Tenley (Micah’s wife) hopped on board with her other son. Then we went back, and almost didn’t make it because we were so tired, but we did. After that, Mom made cheese and crackers, and chips and guacamole. This has been my longest post yet, but I hope they get longer.

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  1. Brrrr…I can almost feel the tingling of that cold water, Soren and Elsa! I remember when Po and I were aboard our Uncle Bob’s cabin cruiser, moored in a cove at Catalina island. When we jumped or dove into the water, it was COLD! And we could row the dinghy around and go to shore. Love seeing how you are having so many new adventures on EXIT…and especially now that I know your Mom makes guacamole and cheese & crackers!!! Great way to get some energy back up after such vigorous activity. Nothing like it with that salty water and breezy air. Great! Love you, Aunt Mindy

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