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Swimming, An Alternate Take

Today we went swimming. It was totally awesome! The water was about 70 degrees, and there was a tiny little dock-type thing that my dad’s friend owned, and said we could swim on it. It was really cool, and, underneath it, there was a little space in between those floaty things on all docks that a kid could fit into if he knew how to tread water. If not, there were some boards that you could hang on to and not have to swim at all, just hang there. Also, we recently acquired an inflatable paddleboard.

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Isles of The Adjective Noun

Doesn’t that sound that sound like a C. S. Lewis chapter title? Anyway, a few days ago (and on many other days) I went to an island, and as we were coming in to a natural dinghy harbor, I found a peninsula. This peninsula was covered in ducks. As we entered, all the ducks flew off. I immediately christened it “Duck Rock.” I found that, during high tide, Duck Rock was small and inaccessible by land. In between low and high tide, it was slightly bigger, and you could get to it by wading. During low tide, well, I wouldn’t say it’s big, because that would be lying, but it is compared to high tide. Also, during low tide, you can get there without getting even your feet wet. After that we went swimming.

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Diving The Anchor Vol. 1

At Buckle Harbor, we went for a swim — in wetsuits, as the sea temperature was only 57°. We had anchored near low tide in only 6.5′ of water, so I decided to dive the anchor:

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The First Sail

Today we went for our first sail. It was awesome. We went up to 8 knots! (Which for reference, is 9.20623558416 MPH.)[I looked this up in calcbot] We tilted about 20 degrees to port.

Before we achieved this semi-significant landmark, there was a large CRASH!! from belowdecks. My dad told me to go below and find out what it was. I looked below and saw nothing, and reported so to Dad. Later, I realized what made the crash was the open door of the hanging locker, as we were tilting.

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Mt. Battie

On Monday we climbed to the top of Mt. Battie, just outside of Camden. It’s billed as “the highest peak on the mainland North Atlantic seaboard”, which is kind of stretching it for honors, but the views were stunning.

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